First of all, congratulations on your new bebe, whether your first child, second or seventh! Having a child (or as some believe: having a baby choose you!) is a priceless gift any parent can attest to. Naturally, a parent's thoughts may immediately leap to the future and their 'fitness' as a Mom or Dad. "How do I stay energetic, strong, current, focused and youthful in mind and spirit, for my child?" Hopefully, this is where can give some positive guidance. Having had the benefit of four decades practising yoga and switching between student and working woman/entrepreneur before becoming a new Mom, I am passionate about sharing with you the specific workouts, products, meditations, routines and HOT TIPS that have proven to work for myself or my personal training and spa clients. Remember to visit my blog here and hope your journey as a parent imparts a wisdom otherwise difficult to crack open! Bless us all! xo Roxanne

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P.S. I have connected over the years with some amazing souls (mothers) who will make 'cameos' here to share their expertise as guests writers, so keep an eye out for those extra-special posts!