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  • Jul 7 2014

    Amazing benefits of meditation for New Moms


    Have you recently become a new mother…or have been a mom for years? Whatever the given period in your motherhood, there is no doubt you could be benefiting from the vast benefits of Meditation. This ancient practice has seen countless individuals gain an advantage over many obstacles, testing scenarios and health related matters. Being a parent is no easy task from the most seasoned of mothers to those who have recently given birth.   Is being ‘strong’ enough? Something more than just strength alone is needed to maintain your sanity (when it decides to run from you) and build on those important skills that are required… Read More »


    Jul 4 2014

    Lunchtime Baby Puree for 7-9 Months Old


    If I must say so mon-self, I’m  getting quite adept at the Beaba Babycook Pro appliance - it’s a baby food steamer/processor that also reheats!  Tonight I looked in the fridge after Noah went to sleep, and collected together asparagus and carrots to blend with the summer squash I bought earlier in the day. Then went out in the garden (condo balcony!) and chose fresh herbs for the puree – in this case, italian parsley and basil. The best way to prep Asparagus to cook with the other vegetables for baby food is to hold one asparagus spear with one hand in the middle of the… Read More »

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    Jul 3 2014

    Those priceless moments with your baby / toddler

    mom's baby

    It’s those times or moments that do not need to be recorded in a photo, video or audio byte, where words cannot describe, those rare moments shared between only you and your little one that warm your heart.   Where everything makes sense and the reason why you’re a Mom is very clear. The way your little one looks at you, smiles, laughs or needs only you when he or she is upset.   So grateful for these times. Amen  

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    Jul 2 2014

    Postpartum hair loss – a royal pain (but there’s hope!)


    Although your hair is falling out all the time, to the tune of 50 to 120 strands per day, it’s possible that you may lose a few more strands when you’re “catastrophically” stressed, meaning you have had a major life change such as a divorce, lost job, or surgery, says Gerome Litt, M.D., an assistant professor of dermatology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland. “Other culprits are pregnancy or antibiotics. After a few weeks (in some cases months), it will almost certainly grow back.” It happens even to royalty. When Kate Middleton was pregnant last year with… Read More »

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    Jun 21 2014

    Ever Wonder How your Body looks on Meditation?!


    See it! Your Body on Meditation Infograph by Stephanie Eckelkamp; Illustration by Tantika Tivorat Sources: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience; Alternative and Complementary Medicine; Psychological Science; American Heart Association; Health Psychology; British Journal of Dermatology; Psychoneuroendocrinology

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    Jun 12 2014

    How my crazy day turned to gold

    cherry boy

    This week hubby is away again, as he will be for most of June, filming projects for work. That leaves baby Noah and me on our own…woohoo! Fun times? Well, it’s not all fun and games – and I’ve got an achy back, wrists and bags under my eye bags to prove it. It’s the end of the day now and as baby sleeps, I managed throw a load of laundry in, wash the rest of Noah’s and my dishes, boil and cool water, sterilize bottles and make sure the place is tidied somewhat and the terry cloths wetted, sterilized and… Read More »


    May 29 2014

    Is StrollerFit for You, Mom?


    Review + Ways to Make YOURS Most Effective! This is a bullet-point review of a 90-minute ‘StrollerFit’ class I attended at the park today. Remember, these exercises were actioned while pushing or holding stroller unless stated, for example, when we were instructed to line up the baby strollers nearby, so we moms could line up for torturous squat leaps, jumping jacks or the like! This was a tough workout…though guess what? We did it! The funny thing I observed was that no one could really complain because we are all in the same boat: new mommies. Warm-up On Grass jog back and forth (2… Read More »

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    May 20 2014

    Homemade Baby Food: Banana and Zucchini

    This is a great recipe for banana and zucchini mashup, suggested by my dear friend Clare, mom of 2 lovely teens who remembers how much her Esme and Archie loved this first-foods baby meal/treat! Ingredients Zucchini (courgette) Banana Water Utensils Pot w/ Lid Steamer Basket Food Processor Method Put just enough water in the pot to reach the steamer basket, then slice zucchini in big chunks and place in steamer (no need to peel it as the skin contains many nutrients and will become soft after steaming and pureeing). Steam zucchini until soft then transfer soft zucchini to food processor and puree.… Read More »