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  • Feb 25 2014

    I Just Did 250 Squats! Kavita’s 30-Day Challenge…

    Exactly 16 weeks after my c-section, with clearance from OB-GYN, I went to visit a dear friend and spa contemporary whom I haven’t seen in years though we’ve kept in contact often. A beautiful spirit on many levels, Kavita launched her PhysioMed spas in Toronto, and now up and running, she is motivated and motivating others to kick-start a 30-day challenge!

    So at 6:30pm I showed up to support Kavita on the last of her 30-day challenge which included 250 squats and a bootcamp workout at her location in Yorkville. The instructor, a friend of Kavita’s, was très motivating and I ended up partaking in the 250 squats in full! Woo, did that feel good!

    Now your turn…if you are in the Toronto area, see below details for Kavita’s next 30-day challenge. Bring it…!



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