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  • Feb 28 2014

    5 Easy Post-Pregnancy Stretches to Rejuvenate Yourself Daily

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    As a stretch trainer, Thai Massage therapist and yoga practitioner, I’ve documented a few necessary ‘feel good’ stretches (or range-of-motion held positions) you can do on your own and that are essential in feeling refreshed and elongated! These stretches will take only 15 minutes of your morning or pre-bed time! In fact, you can perform these stretches before getting out of or into bed to prep the body or wind you down, morning or night!

    1) Hang Forward – start standing, then walk hands down bent legs to hang forward.

    2) Hamstring Stretch – lift right leg so your heel rests on top of bed, knee can be bent. Gently start to lean forward, torso squared over lifted leg. Breath into the stretch so hamstring muscles relax and lengthen. Repeat on left side.

    3) Tuck Toes Under – come to a kneeling position and tuck toes under, sitting back on the heels.  Since you are on the soft surface of a bed, this should not be too painful.  If it is painful for an entire minute, release after 30 seconds.  Count slowly, to relieve pressure from important points in the soles of your feet.

    4) Cat-Cow Flow – on all fours, check that wrists are below shoulders and knees stacked under hips. This is not an exaggerated back arch followed by back flexion — rather, imagine this flowing movement, initiating from the tailbone tilting upward, then gently caressing each vertebrae and space/disc between, to flow in a wave-like manner right to the crown of the head. This should be a very organic movement. To go in the opposite direction, allow the tailbone to scoop/tuck under, then flow up the spine in the other direction, again in a wave-like motion.

    5) Child’s Pose – This pose will really start to wind you down for sleepy-time, OR transition you to the start of a new day. Resting forehead on bed, keep big toes together and knees wide apart. Sit hips back and gently rock side to side.  Continue to take deep breaths.


    UPDATE! I’ve had requests for short, instructional videos showing daily stretches that Moms need to help balance the energetic and physical systems.  I’ve filmed 2-minute videos with easy instructions so you can get into a daily routine upon waking in the morning, and before tucking in at night!  Click here for <morning stretches for Moms>. Click here for <pre-bedtime stretches for Moms>.  Thanks always for tuning in to Mommy Morsels!  Love to have you visiting us here 🙂

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