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  • Mar 12 2014

    Video: Here it is! 5 Best Morning Stretches for Mom

    At the 3-month mark, my OB-GYN gave me the okay to return to yoga practice and gentle exercising (non-impact).  I had a c-section on 11/05/13 so now, 4 months after delivering, the movements are getting bigger and I’m listening to my body – i.e. if I feel strain, especially where the suture/scar is, then I back off. As I often stretch and coach ATS Programs, I’ve had many requests for an instructional video following this previous post about stretching.  Below is a short, give-away video filmed just for you!

    You can also download this PDF which the stretches, describing briefly how to perform each one.  Hope you enjoy it and thanks again for tuning in!

    video by gg

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