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  • About Rox

    Hi I'm Rox

    Aloha and thanks for visiting Mommy Morsels!

    My name is Roxanne and I’m a new Mom at 45.  I recently repatriated back to Toronto, Canada after living in 7 countries abroad over the past 20+ years, including Bermuda, Hong Kong and Thailand.

    After many years of successful business ventures and non-stop travel (mostly for spa consulting projects), I find myself grounded, LOVING new momhood and learning how to juggle time and energy with patience and acceptance.

    Early in the pregnancy, it suddenly dawned on me that all of the teachings and wisdom I’ve unearthed — visiting ashrams in India on 33 visits, surviving the tsunami in Thailand in 2004, observing dynamic Asian cultures in my ‘mother country’ the Philippines, and reflecting on the kindness of locals in Southeast Asia – can apply to my life right here, right now, and in any moment I choose to be present and non-reactive.

    Yoga practice is all about getting out of the ‘matrix’, or more specifically, your matrix. For the hour (or whatever the length of time) that you are practicing, your sacred mat space allows you to let go of all of the ‘stuff’ in your life for a short time, with a promise to come back to it after.

    Then the magic: the practice. I remember standing in tadasana (mountain pose) at the back of Diane Hudock’s yoga class in LA in ’99. She reminded the group we are all ‘light beings’. We were standing with hands pressed in Anjali Mudra (prayer). My eyes were relaxed…almost dreamy after a sweaty mat practice and I gazed at nothing in particular toward the group of students in front of and all around me. Then I closed my eyes and saw the inner glow of the silhouetted students that were in my line of vision with eyes open – it’s a pretty cool effect and wasn’t done on purpose so I do this in yoga classes since, for a little smile to myself.

    The way that you come back to your life after yoga practice (or if you incorporate yoga into your life) is up to you. You may see or approach or react to things differently after a mat practice or meditation.

    Today, my son Noah is 6 months old and after the ebbs and tides of a huge move back to Canada and giving birth to this beautiful baby boy so much later in life, I implemented the routines and techniques I learned in Asia which I believe helped me to have a smooth pregnancy well into my 40’s.

    I’ve taught this system to new Moms to give them an edge for energy and clarity early mornings going forward every day, but also to look and feel their best with a sense of renewed energy rather than feeling sluggish and zapped from sleeplessness!  I have to say that for me, this system has made me feel more youthful than ever for my new family since giving birth!




    It’s true, I’ve had a lot of celebrity clients over the years…in LA, Hong Kong, Phuket and New York / the Hamptons. My range of certifications are listed below, though I think a lot of what makes clients want to keep and clone me is not only the varying range of workouts and stretches we do, but also how they feel during and after the workouts, with yoga practice or Thai yoga massage.


    • Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Restorative
    • Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga
    • Power Plate Remedial / Pain Management Therapist
    • Yoga Anatomy with Tias Little, Singapore
    • Certified 200-Hr Hatha Yoga II Instructor (Yoga Alliance), ChiangMai
    • Certified 200-Hr Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Dehradun, India
    • Certified 200-Hr Hatha Yoga Instructor, Rishikesh, India
    • Jivamukti-Inspired Yoga Instructor
    • Created ‘LA Boxing Circuits’: boxing cross training programs, with Golden Gloves Boxer Kenny Gargiulio in LA
    • PNF Stretch Trainer (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching)
    • Tera-Mai Reiki – 1st & 2nd Degree Certified
    • Group Exercise Instructor, AFAA, San Francisco
    • Kinesis Trainer – Technogym’s ‘Full-Gravity’, a pivoting pulley system
    • Certified Personal Trainer, ACE, Chicago
    • Stott Pilates Matwork I & II, Toronto
    • Reebok Spin Cycling Instructor, LA
    • Aqua Aerobics (Aquatic Fitness), Sydney


    Thai Massage Therapist (Wat Po Traditional School of Thai Massage, Bangkok)
    • Licensed Massage Therapist – Swedish Massage (California Healing Arts

    • Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist I (Hawaii)

    • Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant (ACE), LA

    In 2004, launched a Spa Consultancy with a Thai business partner called Asia Pacific Leisure Consulting (APLC), based in Phuket, Thailand, where I lived from 2004-2013. APLC is basically business start-ups for high end resort/hotel spas.

    Degree in Sports Physiology, a BA in Psychology, and I’ve been a personal trainer, fitness instructor and yoga teacher since 1995.


    ATS or ‘Active Thai Stretch‘ is a system I created for wellness coaches and fitness professionals to integrate a thorough stretch session for their clients/patients based on a two-fold principle using techniques from both Thai Yoga Massage (eastern modality) and PNF Stretching (western range-of-motion technique).