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  • Asian Beauty Secrets

    It’s funny how when you grow up in a Polynesian / Asian household, then live in Asia (I was in Thailand for 10 years and Hong Kong for 4 years)…you assume that many of your daily no-brainer ‘rituals’ are routines that simply every person engages in on a daily basis!  After speaking with hundreds of people about their daily self-care routines, I discovered that many of the invigorating and to my surprise – youth-enhancing – routines that I practice are not common mainstream, particularly (and naturally) in the Western world.  I decided to write an easy-to-follow book with some of my ‘youth rituals’. You can order by clicking on below image.

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    P.S. After ordering and incorporating some of these practices as part of your lifestyle self-care, please let me know any thoughts and outcomes!