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  • Feb 21 2015

    Baby Carrier Review

    Been reminding myself for ages to do a Baby Carrier review since I’ve spent an enormous amount on many ‘hot carrier items’ out there! Whether recommended by friends or family, or a purchase after much research and reading others’ reviews, below are my personal experiences with four (4) carrier brands in particular: Seven Slings, CuddlyWrap, BabyBjorn and Beco.


    Seven Everyday Slings

    After excitedly receiving two different sizes (yes I spent for two sizes not know which Noah would fit in best) because the company (Seven Slings) has a tricky sizing scale (tend to be smaller than whatever you measure your size to be!)  and an even worse return policy; it was immediately clear that this sling was not for my baby. I actually tried on and practiced wearing the sling per instructions however, once settling Noah into the sling, he squirmed and fussed and I repeatedly had to take him out of the sling as side-lying-limbs-closed-in position was just not for him. Plus he seemed crammed in it not matter how I positioned him.

    I personally liked how this carrier had a bit of give, being 97% cotton and 3% lycra, however the fabric seemed cheap and it was not as well put-together as you’d think a baby carrier should be, at the seams. It was easy enough to figure out how to wear, though I guess this comes down to: “is your baby happy to be positioned super-snug to your body without much freedom?”. And if you are going to invest in an item that takes weeks to arrive via online order, why shouldn’t your standards and expectations be high? After all it’s meant to carry your little beloved one…I read a few other reviews (too late though) about neck strain so unfortunately this became another item that takes up space in baby’s armoire, for the moment.


    Peapod Cuddly Wrap

    A friend recommended this carrier after seeing her sister and niece happily

    peapod Cuddly Wrap carrier_review

     BABY Bjorn Original

    I had my eyes on BabyBjorn since I was pregnant. I read review after review, pretty evenly split between positive and negative


     Beco Gemini

    For me – and especially for my baby (okay, now 15-month old ‘toddler’) – this carrier is hands-down, THE winner!


    I hope to continue using the Beco Gemini until Noah is 35 lbs. (he’s currently about 28 lbs.) then invest in the Beco Soleil until he’s 45 lbs. which is it’s weight capacity specification.  OR if you have any other suggestions or ‘cannot-live-without’ baby carrier that I have not reviewed here, please feel free to recommend! I do love the idea of splitting the time between baby being carried/worn and in a wheeled stroller, wheelbarrow or push-car!

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