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  • Jul 4 2014

    Lunchtime Baby Puree for 7-9 Months Old

    If I must say so mon-self, I’m  getting quite adept at the Beaba Babycook Pro appliance – it’s a baby food steamer/processor that also reheats!  Tonight I looked in the fridge after Noah went to sleep, and collected together asparagus and carrots to blend with the summer squash I bought earlier in the day. Then went out in the garden (condo balcony!) and chose fresh herbs for the puree – in this case, italian parsley and basil.

    The best way to prep Asparagus to cook with the other vegetables for baby food is to hold one asparagus spear with one hand in the middle of the spear and the other hand at the stem. Bend the spear until it snaps. Toss out the lower end that snapped off. Repeat this process until all of the asparagus are “snapped”.


    You don’t have to use the Beaba Babycook appliance of course…the ‘old-fashioned’ way of steamer basket in a pot, then pureeing the lightly steamed vegetables to a chunky consistency (especially if baby has a few teeth top and bottom now), is perfect.

    Et voila!

    If you taste this once cooled (and let’s face it, you couldn’t resist, right?)…if it tastes a bit bland, feel free to add a bit of butter or olive oil as it’s fine to introduce these flavors and textures to baby between 7-9 months (though my Euro friends would argue you can use both in beginner solid foods for baby!).


    Happy 4th of July!

    Oh yes, and before I forget to mention, Noah says “Happy Independence Day!!!”  Although we live in Canada currently, he wasborn in the U.S.A.‘ 🙂


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