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  • Nov 3 2014

    Baby’s First Birthday!

    Cannot believe our boy is almost ONE! Not that the first year ‘flew by’. It actually did feel like a year: a lot of learning, loving, laughing – and let’s not forget the crying (baby and mum), sign language learning and new mommy sleep deprivation. Other/seasoned parents tell me it does not get easier, but how fulfilling parent-hood is indeed…yipee!


    I hope and pray Noah will always be true to himSELF and dance to his own beat. We’ll try to nurture his uniqueness even in the rough times…which is why I’m posting this! Accountability, baby!


    His birthday party was on Saturday – all family. It was certainly a fun and somewhat stressful DIY kinda build-up.  I figure since I’m a ‘Spa Consultant’ for business it’s hard not to have a high standard outside of the five and six-star resorts, which I believe is a symptom called “perfectionist”. Sigh, and surrendered the moment the party started (as I happily accepted a glass of red wine ;).


    Sharing below, a few photos from Noah’s first birthday. No theme really, though it could be argued it was very “FROZEN”: blue, silver and white.  Please share yours too – especially DIY tips and cakes – on our Facebook page!!!



    The Cake


    My superstar sister prepared this beautifully presented tray of chocolate-covered pretzels! They were a hit (she’s a baker/caterer part-time)


    Boy Loot Bags


    Girl Loot Bags (only difference was that these had an additional item: blue nail polish)


    Noah’s First [Smash] Cake!


    Escaping as fast as he can despite our predictions he may stick his face in the cake!



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