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  • Mar 5 2014

    How “In The Moment” Can You Be?

    Since feeding baby occurs so often, then if I’ve managed to squeeze a yoga asana practice or short meditation prior to feeding the little guy, I feel I can connect with his “newness”. Seriously. Bruce Lee is quoted as saying, “be like water…”.  Can you put yourself in baby’s shoes (baby booties?) by emptying your mind, releasing all thoughts, worries, pressures, stresses and anxieties…oh and let’s not forget sluggishness and exhaustion!

    Can you imagine yourself as baby?  Instead of getting lost in your own thoughts. Baby needs nourishment, baby is soothed by sucking…is baby in a comfortable position with eyes closed or perhaps innocently glancing around.

    Other parents often advise Graham and I: “Enjoy him at this infant stage. They grow so fast!”  I, too, recall my now 19-year-old nephew, Kristian, in those early days and realize how time has ‘flown’!

    Point being that experiencing and really living each moment – with reminders to take deep breaths – means surrendering to truly observe each miracle moment.

    With grace,


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