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  • May 8 2014

    Be the Loving That You Are

    I am so grateful for this guest post, written by my friend and all-time FAVORITE yoga teacher, Diane Hudock.  I always thought Diane was the best-kept-secret in yoga, from the first day I walked into her class at a Miracle Mile health club in Los Angeles in 2000. But Diane is not only a yoga teacher. To me, she has been a clear energetic channel with so much to share on so many levels. To date – after having attended yoga and meditation classes around the globe…literally from every city I’ve had a flight stopover longer than 5 hours…to completely remote corners of the globe – I have not found another teacher quite like Diane who walks the walk with grace, light, integrity and an unexpected quality…humor! So much of what I have learned from Diane in her golden – though not exactly ‘easy’ – classes, has stayed with me in positive inspiring ways throughout my travels, helping on the yoga mat and in life.  In 2005, a year after the tsunami in SE Asia, I hosted Diane as the featured yoga teacher at the paradise resort, called The Racha where I was spa consulting – this was such an honor for me and a blessing for the resort’s visiting guests from all over the world!  She wears many hats as you’ll read in her brief bio at the bottom of this post. Hope you enjoy (and action) Diane’s ‘Mommy Morsels’ in this insightful post…


     Need an Energy Boost? Trying to Juggle it all?

    Be the Loving that you Are

    by Diane Hudock

    Handling all the challenges and vicissitudes of parenthood can leave us feeling “energetically bankrupt” if we do not find balance.  Imagine your body is a bank account, and if you keep writing checks without replenishing your balance, you will inevitably become overdrawn.

    The key is provide a good cushion, so you are never depleted. The greatest thing we can do as mothers, is to lovingly nurture and care for ourselves on all levels (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually), honoring this tremendous vessel of creation that we are.  We do this not only so we can experience more happiness and vitality in our own lives, but, so that we have the energy, vitality, and consciousness to be present for our children’s lives.

    “Children don’t inherit our thoughts, and beliefs, and ideas, they inherit our consciousness.”

    – Panache Desai

    Of course for many new mothers, that’s easier said than done.  But, just like anything in life we want to change and improve, it takes practice until it becomes simply a part of who we are.  Over time, feelings such as depletion, frustration, and lack dissipate as grace and ease come more and more into play.  Any judgments we place upon ourselves as women or mothers requires a lot more energy output to our bodies and minds than to practice Self-Love and Self-Acceptance.  In short the less we judge ourselves, the more energy we have… 

    Negative thoughts, self-judgment, and resistance to what is (yes the house is a mess and I haven’t slept soundly for weeks) will only perpetuate more of the same, cutting off the flow of our energy resources, inspiration, and peace.  Cultivating a rich inner life through: daily meditation, daily affirmations, positive self-talk, communing with Spirit, yoga, or any daily practice that helps to embrace Seeing the Loving Essence that we are, serve as powerful tools to creating the balance we seek and that is essential to our well-being.  After all, our outer world is a reflection of our inner reality  — take care of the inside and everything else becomes a whole lot brighter.

    “We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant.  You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think its going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it.  You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.”

    – John Lennon

    I suggest to new moms a daily nurturing practice that will support them, give them strength of heart, and replenish their system from the inside out.  This begins with changing our thoughts, knowing that our feelings hold energy, and positive loving thoughts act as a divine healing tonic to our bodies, minds, and spirits clearing out the rubbish to allow the happiness to flood in.  This happiness that I speak, is who we truly are.

    “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.”

    – Eckhart Tolle


    Choose some of these simple self-supporting practices on a daily basis for 40 days, keeping a journal to track your feelings, thoughts, and progress.  Be consistent to receive the greatest value and transformation.  If you choose, each day or week can have a different theme, focus, or activity.

    Simple steps towards greater balance from the inside out:

    • Dialoguing with your Self about your strengths and gifts
    • Free-form writing
    • Do a daily “gratitude list”
    • Practice Soul Gazing with your partner or yourself in mirror
    • Taking time in Silence – Listening to the still voice within
    • Creating/adding to a daily affirmation board
    • Reading an inspirational excerpt or quote out aloud daily
    • Practice a daily “rampage” of Compassionate Self-Forgiveness : i.e. “I forgive myself for judging myself as not being good enough, because the truth is…”
    • Set bedtime intentions with a focus of experiencing yourself as a Divine Being
    • Changing the channel when your inner critic comes forward
    • Practice Seeing the Loving Essence in yourself in others
    • Repeating your daily affirmation out aloud throughout the day


    About the Author


    Diane Hudock is a yoga teacher, actress, writer, producer, mommy, wife, and consummate student of life.  She has been teaching yoga and transformation practices since 1994.  She is completing her M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, produces a yoga comedy webseries Gurunista Gayhle, and leads workshops and retreat s all over the world.  


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