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  • Jul 7 2014

    Amazing benefits of meditation for New Moms


    Have you recently become a new mother…or have been a mom for years?

    Whatever the given period in your motherhood, there is no doubt you could be benefiting from the vast benefits of Meditation. This ancient practice has seen countless individuals gain an advantage over many obstacles, testing scenarios and health related matters. Being a parent is no easy task from the most seasoned of mothers to those who have recently given birth.


    Is being ‘strong’ enough?

    Something more than just strength alone is needed to maintain your sanity (when it decides to run from you) and build on those important skills that are required for effective parenting. Stillness is hard to achieve by many individuals, mothers or otherwise, but to still the mind is a near-impossible task without the correct training and perseverance to get you through.


    How much does a new mom need?

    Would it be wrong to say that moms are in more need of meditation than others? More energy is needed, concentration levels are strained, sleep routines take a bashing, social life takes a back seat, moods are wild, fear and frustration are constantly entertaining you and you still need to find enough time for yourself. Meditation fits in neatly, you can use it for your ever-busy schedule to suit you when you most need it. Your body will self-heal, mentally as well as physically, you’ll feel more energized and switched on, your moods will be controllable, clarity replaces mental-fog, you’ll find it easier to get back to sleep after waking to feed your new born and change their nappy. Truth is that being a new mother can be fun. Most will tell you of the stress to come, but you must not buy into their story, everyone’s is different and you have the opportunity to make your story special, so don’t listen to the hype about parenting – just keep meditating and the benefits will shine from you.


    You’ll enjoy even the most challenging moments while you bring new life into this world.

    A child needs mommy to be cool, calm and proficient at all times, not just when it suits you. Allow meditation to give your senses the boost they need to take on the mammoth task of being a new mom. Meditation is like spiritual nutrition, it connects you to energy, helps you to receive knowledge and guidance that you might otherwise miss due to having a busy mind, alerting you when your thoughts are running wild inside your head. Let’s face it, you can only give others the best when you’ve given yourself enough of what YOU need, so, as a new parent you will obviously be fretting about how well you’re doing – or how bad. Regular meditation lowers blood pressure, relaxes and soothes the mind allowing for better concentration and proper focus, which is a necessity for any mother, especially those of you who are new moms.

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    Babies know their moms

    You need to be in the best possible frame of mind at all times, as your baby will react to the slightest whiff of stress no matter how well you try to hide your feelings. Your child will pick up on it all the same, after all, they’ve had ample time to adjust to your every mood and your characteristics from all of those months spent in your belly, so it is only natural for your newborn to read you like an open book – right?


    Want the best possible nourishment for your baby?

    Then you must provide some nourishment for yourself by way of regular meditation, which compliments all qualities of motherhood. A woman’s intuition is naturally high but a mother’s is significantly higher – it makes sense; mothers have more responsibility. There’s much to look forward to from being a super-mom (which is the rank you’ll attain when you meditate consistently) like having bundles of energy instead of feeling fatigued and drained all the time. Your senses become vibrant with meditation, focus is sharpened, you’ll find it easier to relax at will, and your natural approach to life in general will be noticeably calmer – to others too, not just you. Give your baby what he/she deserves and fuel yourself with the benefits of meditation. You’ll never look back, but instead you’ll see life in a different light, you think in new ways, come up with creative ideas, find inspiration more easily and maintain motivation without a problem. Learn meditation and you’ll open the door to a new life where the drama that once drove you up the wall seems petty and hardly ever recognized by you – thanks to your new mind-set.


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