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  • Feb 7 2017

    The BEST Protein Pancake Yet – For Toddlers & Kids! V.2


    I was sooooo excited to make this pancake for my ‘choosy’ eater, so dreamed up this protein pancake (with vegetables !) option…and guess what?

    He loved it!

    It was actually delicious + nutritious so I made a batch for the family and everyone happily polished them off.


    NOTE: If you have a picky eater this could be a good jumping-off point for veggies as it certainly minimizes any overwhelming texture they may encounter. Naturally, you want them to experience the texture, but for some children, this may be too much in the beginning.  I am not recommending you hide the grated food — in fact, have them help you shred a veggie or fruit for a dish or snack you are prepping. Talk about how it feels, looks and smells. Trust me, they will start to respect that you are being honest with them (and may even reward you with trying some!)


    Here’s the recipe:


    Delicious Protein + Veg Pancake for Toddlers!


    • IMG_18431/2 cup pancake mix (or a protein pancake mix) or your own gf pancake flour, from scratch
    • 1/4 cup nut or soy milk
    • 1 tbsp softened or slightly melted nut butter of your choice (I used peanut butter)
    • 1/2 small carrot
    • 2 branches  cauliflower
    • 1 egg



    Grate desired amount of cauliflower and carrot.


    Mix together the egg, flour (pancake mix), carrot, cauliflower and almond/soy milk. Soften or slightly melt peanut [or other nut] butter and stir in.


    Melt butter over low heat in pan. Pour in medium size pancake and rise heat to med-low. When you see slight bubbles, flip pancake and cook for a minute. Flip once more and turn heat off.



    Transfer to a plate, pour a bit of organic maple syrup…and enjoy!


    Remember to go easy on the veg the first time you prep these if your little one is ‘tasting’ for the first time. Chances are though, they won’t even notice the veg and other goodness baked into the pancake, since you’ll have maple syrup for them to eat them with.

    Have fun with these! GRATED OR PUREED VEGETABLES are a Mum’s DREAM for lovingly incorporating vegetables into your tot’s diet (especially if they’re a particularly choosy eater ;)!


    What are some of your favorite ways of adding more nutrients – whether it be fruits, vegetables or protein – into your own child’s meals and snacks? Comment below — love to hear your twists and grates!



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