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  • Core Values

    Roxanne  has studied with “Oh Baby! Fitness” as a pre-/post-natal fitness instructor, having had the privilege to work with thousands of pregnant women and new moms. Based on this extensive experience, along with expert advice and review of the best available research, we believe:

    1. Pre- and postnatal EXERCISE and MOVEMENT IS IMPORTANT.

    a. We believe exercise and yoga during pregnancy creates easier labors, healthier babies, and happier new moms.

    b. We listen to the latest studies about perinatal exercise, share them with our clients and instructors, and build our programming based on their recommendations.

    c. We encourage women to get in the best shape of their lives during pregnancy.

    2. Pre- and postnatal EXERCISE IS SAFE.

    a. We believe in following the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ (ACOG) guidelines for safe exercise before, during, and after pregnancy.

    b. We listen to clients’ physical concerns and modify exercises so that everyone has a safe workout experience.

    c. We encourage proper modifications and proper exercise form and the appropriate modifications in all of our classes.

    3. Pre- and postnatal EXERCISE BUILDS CONFIDENCE.

    a. We believe in preparing women for the experience of motherhood by fostering supportive communities and close relationships among our clients.

    b. We listen to our clients’ fears, concerns, worries, and joys as they make the transition into motherhood.

    c. We encourage instructors to facilitate introductions and discussion in every class but caution them against giving any advice, criticism, or a specific “birth” agenda.


    Based on these beliefs, we have designed our classes and programs to adhere to these basic tenets:

    These basic beliefs are built on the foundation of an extensive amount of experience and scientific research.