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  • Apr 16 2015

    Desire Map for Moms

    There is so much information out there. So much fluff. Your brain is full. Emotions out of whack.

    You don’t know how you feel.

    Life before you became a Mom seems like an eternity ago. You wonder, “why didn’t I relish the freedom I had at the time, rather than worrying about petty things and procrastinating?” And you barely remember what those petty – or importantly massive – ‘things’ were!


    The Desire Map

    What if from now on you had an anchor for your life? A place you could go into – a “Soul venture” – to re-visit daily, the feelings you truly wish to feel. I mean, yes you have children/a child, but you’ve very likely heard the positive results research about how self-care for a mother is like a wave that flows into the harmony of the family as a whole.

    A friend Jen told me about The Desire Map in between diaper change and preparing Noah’s next meal (or was it laundry?). I practically rolled my eyes.

    “Oh great…,” I started, “…just what a Mom needs: yet another space-consuming, time-tedious, never-going-to-use-in-the-long-term gimmick that is sooo complex to implement, it takes a 24-step system and 3 credit card payments to get things rolling before you realize you need to buy a bunch of other ‘essentials’ before proceeding toward ‘success’!?”

    “No no…,” Jen replied, “…The Desire Map is a process. Your process. In your own time. To discover your Core Desired Feelings…”.

    “My what?”

    She continued, “The Desire Map started out as a book written by Danielle LaPorte. Before long, it became the driver of over 500 book clubs around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people follow and are discovering it. At the heart of it all is a commitment to feeling good. I would recommend you get the digital version of the book so you can listen in snippets or play repeatedly as background story while you do other stuff, or while you’re driving. Nothing to buy, save up for, or cut out of magazines!”

     Your Core Desired Feelings

    Well, I decided to give The Desire Map a whirl. It took many hours of listening to the audio – which I actually found very soothing. The audiobook of The Desire Map as well as the Bonus Tracks were all narrated by Danielle herself. Her voice is like honey. I work-booked a little in my iPhone diary, wrote in a journal when Noah would nap, and slept/practiced yoga on the questions and promptings from the book’s exercises, questions like: What if your most desired feelings consciously informed how you plan your day, your year, your career, your holidays — your life?  How do you want to feel?  I ‘exercised’ my atrophied dream muscles and meditated on what I thought were my Core Desired Feelings (or CDFs, for short). Eventually I attended a Desire Map 2-day workshop. And landed.

    These are my six CDFs:


    I recite them every morning when I wake up, and again before I go to sleep, when I’m exhausted but need a wee lift.  And somehow they have indeed uplifted my spirits during the most seemingly challenging of days and times.  I had to write my CDFs on the bathroom mirror and even placed a written version on my nightstand and beside my yoga mat.

    Find out in my post what my Core Desire Feelings mean to me, and how I use them for amazing goal-setting and basically to live my everyday life, moment to moment, without wasting any bits of this short and beautiful life with unnecessary stress. And if you would like to discover your own CDFs, keep reading below!

    Desire Map Workshop

    Interested in discovering your own Core Desired Feelings?  I am now so happy to share The Desire Map process in a workshop format and have set up a few workshops in Toronto in 2015 and even a Thailand and Bermuda retreats in 2016! If this is something that resonates with you, come to one of my workshops with no prerequisite to read The Desire Map prior…or alternatively, grab the book and do some active feeling-searching to make your own CDFs be a guidance system or GPS for your own life!  I can definitely say that even though I practice yoga and meditation, the Desire Map has helped me to lead AND land knowing exactly how I want and choose to feel in any given situation. You will come up with many feeling words / words with feeling! Which you narrow down to your chosen 3-5 (6 or 7 are okay too) Core Desired Feelings. It really is an incredible thing to finally, for the first time in your life (very likely), put your finger on your true pulse and know how you really want to feel!


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