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  • Apr 8 2014

    Why Childhood Memories Should Be Documented

    Maintaining a photo album or scrapbook on your child’s behalf is a gift that keeps on giving. Adequately documenting a child’s important and sentimental memories can help them to feel valued by the family, while also giving them some of that much needed personal data later on in life as they figure out who they are. As children grow older, they sometimes suppress memories or forget about things both on purpose and by accident. Allowing them to revisit certain events from their younger years can help them to bridge the gaps that often arise throughout adulthood.

    Preserving the Family Legacy

    By having a well-maintained and regularly updated scrapbook for your kids, you offer them a glimpse into the legacy that is being created by members of the family. In fact, you are adding to this unique and priceless family treasure by providing the same gift to the next generations. Preserving the family legacy is as simple as documenting your child’s memories as they happen and presenting your diligently sentimental work to anyone who finds themselves interested in it.

    Creating an Appreciation for History

    Your kids will eventually reach that age where they are interested in knowing what took place in their early years. They will likely want to see what mom and dad looked like “back then,” and they will probably also want to take a peek at how they themselves have changed over the years. Remember that it may be but a few quick years for you, but to your child it is an entire lifetime. Documenting childhood memories as your kids grow will give them something to look back on while also providing them with an appreciation for history.

    Getting Back your Baby

    You can’t literally turn back the hands of time, but you can take a trip down memory lane if you have documented your little one’s childhood memories. They are going to grow up; and it will probably happen quicker than you would like. Instead of regretting the fact that you did not keep a scrapbook of cute pictures, artwork, and other accomplishments, start keeping track of those things now. You will be glad that you did, especially as you begin to miss them after ushering them off to school, college and beyond.

    Comparing Genetic Features

    Hopefully, your kids will grow to start families of their own. When that happens, they will probably want to know what features of theirs are shared by the new baby. If you have taken the time to document their childhood memories, this should be a cinch. Comparing genetic features of the new additions to the family and trying to predict how the new child will grow to look is always a fun thing families tend to do! This practice is not only quite entertaining, but it can also be a great way to honor ancestors.

    Gearing up for the Unthinkable

    Nobody wants to think about their child being in danger or going missing. However, these things do unfortunately happen. Documenting childhood memories is a good way to have updated photos of your child in an easy-to-locate place.


    Documenting childhood memories has several advantages for both you and your kids. Having something personal through which to look will help to bond the family and make your child feel like they are part of something. It may seem like you will have all the time in the world to do so, but as parents we are all too familiar with just how quickly our kids grow up.

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