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  • Apr 29 2015

    Easy To Set Up Toddler Activity

    Following a hot tip for toddler and infant activities, this is probably one of the simplest mom-crafts to prep and take down.

    How To

    Something tells me you have these 4 items in your own home:

    1. 1 paper towel roll or 2 toilet paper rolls
    2. masking tape
    3. a bucket or plastic container to ‘catch’ the items dropped through the roll
    4. items to drop into the roll (rocks or pom-poms or use your imagination!)

    easy activities toddler

    The image pretty much explains the set-up :

    • Tape the roll or 2 rolls along the same drop-line.
    • ¬†Underneath, place a bucket or plastic container.

    That’s it! Go nuts, bebe!

    I had found and washed a few small rocks from outdoors and Noah is dropping them through the roll. He liked the sound they made hitting the metal bucket. Almost as fun as pots’n’pans music time!


    Did your tot like this activity?

    Do you have other activities to share?

    I’ll continue posting one activity each week — can’t wait to take a trip over to Michael’s Crafts this weekend as I have a sensory bin in mind! More soon. In the meantime, stay present Mama!


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