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  • Apr 27 2015

    Healthy Things That Don’t Involve Exercise


    Not all healthy activities necessarily mean strapping on your workout shoes and gearing up! Here are a few simple ways to move your body (or mind) that are considered healthy on a whole other level…

    • playing with – or like – a kid!
    • cooking
    • taking a nap
    • painting your nails
    • reading
    • snuggling
    • playing with your pet
    • taking a bubble bath
    • exploring
    • shopping
    • deep breathing
    • prepping and sipping tea
    • trying a new recipe
    • writing in your journal
    • writing a letter
    • gardening
    • lighting candles
    • hanging out with friends
    • trying a new hairstyle
    • collaging
    • cleaning
    • singing – this includes belting it out in the shower
    • practicing a new language
    • studying
    • organizing
    • dancing – even by yourself in the livingroom!
    • drawing
    • creating a vision board or better yet, Desire Map with Roxanne

    It’s all about balance!

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