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  • May 20 2014

    Homemade Baby Food: Banana and Zucchini

    This is a great recipe for banana and zucchini mashup, suggested by my dear friend Clare, mom of 2 lovely teens who remembers how much her Esme and Archie loved this first-foods baby meal/treat!


    • Zucchini (courgette)
    • Banana
    • Water


    • Pot w/ Lid
    • Steamer Basket
    • Food Processor


    Put just enough water in the pot to reach the steamer basket, then slice zucchini in big chunks and place in steamer (no need to peel it as the skin contains many nutrients and will become soft after steaming and pureeing).


    Steam zucchini until soft then transfer soft zucchini to food processor and puree.



    Mash a fresh banana and stir it right into a serving of zucchini. Your little one will love it. A good ratio is approximately: 1/3 banana to 1 oz zucchini.


    *Note that you can always change consistency by adding breast milk or formula to thin the mixture or rice/oat cereal to thicken.


    You can freeze the whole zucchini and cut up bananas into thirds for freezing, so you are prepared with stock in your freezer when making this yummy dish for baby.  Simply add appropriate amount of zucchini and pre-cut banana to your double boiler to warm up. The two will blend nicely as they are warmed up for a semi-sweet dish for your baby.

    Clare said she would steam and puree the zucchini in advance, then freeze in ice cube trays. She’d also freeze the bananas separately and take on-the-go for a quick thawed meal for baby when at home or out running errands!


    Courgette (zucchini) is a healthy first veggie for babies and Noah loves it!


    Do you and your baby have a favorite homemade baby food combination or mashup? Share your babyfood recipes here so a community of mommies can benefit!

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