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  • May 9 2014

    Mom Glows Best! Honey Sesame Almond Body Polish


    Just for you Mommy Morsels readers, here’s a BONUS DIY Mother’s Day spa recipe: luxurious, homemade body polish which is also gentle enough and beneficial for your face! This polish uses honey, sesame seeds and almond oil to restore the skin with a glowing look and smooth feel.

    You can make the skin polish at home and keep in a jar for yourself to use in bath or shower once a week, plus make a few extra batches for Mother’s Day gifts!!!

    BENEFITS คุณประโยชน์

    • White and black sesame seeds are warming, healing and nourishing.  ให้ความอุ่นและช่วยบำรุงผิว
    • Blended Oatmeal is an ideal scrub ingredient for sensitive skin. It’s less abrasive than sugar and is often used in homemade facial scrubs for it’s cleansing and softening properties.  ทำความสะอาดเผยผิวนุ่ม
    • Honey moisturizes and fades fine lines.  บำรุงผิวและลดเลือนริ้วรอย
    • Almond oil nourishes and moisturizes skin and is high in Vitamin E.  It is also commonly used in many baby skin care product ranges. อุดมไปด้วยไวตามินอี

    what you’ll need ผลิตภัณฑ์


    • Blended white Sesame seeds   งาขาวปั่น  1.5 Tablespoons
    • Blended black sesame seeds   งาดำปั่น  1.5 Tablespoons
    • Blended Oatmeal  ข้าวโอ๊ตปั่น  1 tablespoon
    • Honey           น้ำผึ้ง  2 tablespoons
    • Almond oil    น้ำมันมะกอก  15 ml
    • Hot water     น้ำอุ่น


    Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, with hot water, until you reach a thick pasty consistency.

    In the shower, run warm water over skin before applying mixed ingredients, either with a soft brush (like a paintbrush) or using your fingers.  Massage the scrub all over your body in circular motions, making sure to go easy on the more sensitive parts like your abdomen and inner arm. You can scrub your knees and elbows more vigorously.

    Rinse off and pat dry. If it feels a bit greasy, you can use a mild body wash to remove some of the excess oil.


    Ooh is this one yummy!  I love all these ingredients and know how smooth and soothing this can feel on the skin. This is a very gentle, moisturizing scrub, since the oatmeal bits in it provide only mild scrubbing, and the almond oil and honey would make a good treatment for dry skin, making it noticeably softer.  This body polish is excellent for all skin types!

    These DIY recipes are pretty easy and quick to do. They’re made mostly with common kitchen ingredients, and should be quite nourishing to the skin. Do remember to test the scrub on a patch of skin before use, to make sure than you’re not sensitive to any of the ingredients.

    Enjoy, Mama (and Dad too!)!!!

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