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  • Jul 12 2016

    HOT TIPS TUESDAY! How Being Prepared Makes You Oh-So Much Better, Mama


    Nourish ThySelf!

    This week’s hot tip Tuesday is all about meal prep! I know that our lives as Moms are packed full of taking care of everyone and everything. And let’s face it, we often forget about our own needs (Needs? What are those?). I have been guilty of sharing baked frozen foods or snacking on crisps (or mmmmm, chocolate!) after a long day of mom duties.

    However, when I do eat a wholesome and nutritious meal, I find myself having more energy and feeling less worn out. A better me = a better mom for my little one!


    quinoa and kale salad



    Sundays Meal Prep

    In 2 hours a week spent in my kitchen, I am able to cook up a week’s worth of fresh meals that I can toss into the fridge for quick lunches or late night cravings. No more frozen pizza, gummy worms, or popcorn dinners for me! Here are a couple of meal ideas that I enjoy. They are super easy, wholesome, and delicious!

    Farro, Cauliflower, and Asparagus Salad

    A versatile salad that can be topped with chicken, eggs, or avocado to give it that extra personality! Find the recipe here:

    Kale Salad with Roasted Red Peppers and Quinoa

    A yummy mix of superfoods that will give a kickstart to your day! Find the recipe here:


    Hope you enjoy these!  I sure did 🙂  Comment below with your favorite go-to recipes or snacks!



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