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  • Jun 12 2014

    How my crazy day turned to gold

    This week hubby is away again, as he will be for most of June, filming projects for work.

    That leaves baby Noah and me on our own…woohoo! Fun times? Well, it’s not all fun and games – and I’ve got an achy back, wrists and bags under my eye bags to prove it.

    It’s the end of the day now and as baby sleeps, I managed throw a load of laundry in, wash the rest of Noah’s and my dishes, boil and cool water, sterilize bottles and make sure the place is tidied somewhat and the terry cloths wetted, sterilized and frozen for tomorrow’s baby teething relief.

    Now I’ve got time for a 30-minute much-needed yoga fusion practice followed by a simple dinner – probably salad and salmon – at which time would be 10pm.  Sigh…where does the day go?

    But alas, enough self-pity!!! Life is amaaazing! I was thinking all day that I would bullet-point a list of the gazillion tasks I performed today per ‘schedule’; i.e.: 4pm walk in the sunshine with baby in carrier, 5pm solids feeding of homemade pureed zucchini with mashed potato, 6pm bath-time, 6:30pm baby massage, 7pm bottle feeding followed by reading a few books (2 in french!), then rocking him to sleep…all before 8pm.  Somewhere along the way, I was picking things up with my toes, running to the loo and drinking water with baby in arms, which he finds completely entertaining.

    Yep, there’s that ‘attitude of gratitude’!

    After practicing yoga for only half an hour, all it took to shift was a fresh perspective – or in other words a new perspective – to acknowledge then lift those exhausting, defeated feelings throughout the day, by giving myself a pat on the back and feel grateful for the abundant love, my family’s good health and the simple things we enjoy as a unit.

    Turn that frown upside down

    Here’s a simple pleasure 🙂 – an amusing and cute video of my little guy’s reaction to fresh organic cherries!  He is 7 months old now and has been on solid food for one month. He seems to be taking pretty darn well to the new flavors and textures!  Be prepared to smile at his groovy moves!

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