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  • Apr 20 2014

    Meditating Moms

    Who has to have more patience, energy, and multitasking talents than your average modern mom? 

    More and more mothers are finding meditation to be an effective way to avoid burnout and exhaustion. Rather than taking time out for a coffee, many moms are squeezing in a few minutes of meditation while the baby is napping or before heading home from work.

    Meditation is especially important for mothers because kids are sensitive to their mothers’ stress. Studies show that when a mother is overworked, anxious or depressed, her children have higher stress, too….

    Intuition, patience, wisdom, love – all the divine qualities associated with motherhood often depend on how rested we are, how aligned we are with our own inner v2oice and deepest source of nourishment. With regular meditation, we directly experience our spiritual essence, and the happiness and energy that results not only replenishes our depleted reserves but creates vibrant consciousness and a naturally relaxed, more stress-resilient physiology.


    There’s a great article by Jeanne Ball titled “Meditating Moms: A Silent Revolution”.  I’ve also written a post for you about the benefits of yoga & meditation. Hope these are helpful to your practice and most of all peace of mind in the midst of possible chaos!


    “Of one thing I am certain, the body is not the measure of healing, peace is the measure.”

    —Phyllis McGinley: Pulitzer Prize winning American author of children’s books and poetry

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