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  • Mar 22 2014

    Meditations While Nursing or Bottle-Feeding Baby

    Is your child sometimes fussy during feeding-time? Or do you find that you are anxious before and during nursing or bottle-feeding your baby? These 3 mantras, along with a visualization, are important ones to remember in the moment so you are present with baby.

    “My child is getting nourishment.”

    “I’m doing the right things.”

    “This will come to pass.”

    Visualize a happy future baby.  Also, imagine you are the baby and that you are adjusting to a brave new world, so it puts yourself in ‘baby’s shoes’, so to speak.

    Most important thing to remember Moms, is: Take deep breaths.  Whatever anxiety you may have, let it go on the exhale.  See if you can nose-breath, keeping lips closed and eyes relaxed or even close your eyes and count to 30.

    Your chest rises and shoulders relax on the inhale.

    Let go on the exhale.

    One more key thing to remember: SMILE. Even if you are not feeling happy.  You may be very tired or anxious but somehow the combination of smiling and taking deep, relaxed breaths, is very calming on the nervous system.

    You’re doing a great job Mom!

    *if baby is particularly fussy, refer to this great source I mentioned earlier…it’s a book called: The New Contented Little Baby Book (see page xx!)


    xo Rox

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