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  • Apr 27 2014

    How My Heart Grew 3 Sizes that Day…

    Did you feel like your heart grew…exploded…melted…the moment you first stared into your newborn’s eyes? Not easy to put into words, right?


    Wanted to share this poem I wrote after baby Noah was born. It is somewhat “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”-inspired (remember how his heart grew 3 sizes at the end?), though these are mostly reflections after many years of traveling, mostly for business.  The amazing part is that Noah has actually traveled to 8 countries while still in my belly: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Morocco, UK, St. Barths (France), United States (NY) and Canada (Toronto)!!



    I’ve been to the tops of mountains,

    I’ve been to the depths of the sea,

    I’ve witnessed sculptures and fountains,

    I’ve seen birds big and small fly free.


    I’ve crossed rivers and lakes,

    I’ve raced down hills in the rain,

    I thought I’d made every wish I could make,

    I thought paradise could be reached on a plane.


    I lived my passion from country to country,

    I rarely thought about what the future might bring.

    I was truly one hundred percent happy,

    but I had no idea how my heart could sing.


    Because there was one lovely surprise,

    an experience I could never plan ahead,

    until you chose to finally arrive,

    then my first tears of joy were shed.


    Never could I have described,

    just what it would be like to hold you,

    until you settled in my arms and cried,

    until I murmured, ‘I love you’.


    Before I looked into your eyes,

    I roamed from place to place,

    I saw beauty in endless skies,

    Now I see all of this in the smile on your face.


    No mountain top

    with its grand view,

    could compare to the gaze,

    shared by me and you,


    Never had I imagined I would be able to say,

    that I had found the purest of beauty,

    but my heart grew three sizes that day,

    as I witnessed the first miracle I ever knew.


    As each day unfolds,

    I know that we will have so many adventures to share,

    you’re so curious, so daring, and so bold,

    an explorer that nothing seems to scare.


    We will gather memories over time,

    and learn wonderful new things together,

    my greatest journey begins with your hand in mine,

    and the path we will share forever.


    I cherish the moments I had before,

    and I can’t wait to teach you about all I’ve uncovered,

    but I know that there will be so much more,

    that has yet to be discovered.


    Through your eyes,

    I see the world brand new,

    I see those endless skies

    and the beauty that is you.


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