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  • May 29 2014

    Is StrollerFit for You, Mom?

    Review + Ways to Make YOURS Most Effective!

    This is a bullet-point review of a 90-minute ‘StrollerFit’ class I attended at the park today. Remember, these exercises were actioned while pushing or holding stroller unless stated, for example, when we were instructed to line up the baby strollers nearby, so we moms could line up for torturous squat leaps, jumping jacks or the like!

    This was a tough workout…though guess what? We did it! The funny thing I observed was that no one could really complain because we are all in the same boat: new mommies.

    Warm-up On Grass

    • jog back and forth (2 laps to far end and back)
    • walking lunges (1 lap to and fro)
    • squats (standing squats sitting hips back while holding stroller) – form: knees over ankles, sitting bum back

    What I liked:

    *cardio components in a circuit fashion

    What I would have done differently or added:

    *introduced myself as instructor, briefly explained the class and what was to come, then kicked off.

    *added standing wide legged (2nd position) Plié squats, a sexy strut or standing hip side to side (something sexy so new mom can feel her femininity again)

     *started with a standing ‘downward facing dog’ stretch for the back body!


    Main Workout

    • jog down the path to top of hill
    • got instructions at top of hill to run down, then push strollers back up the hill (2 times!)
    • continue jogging along concrete path (along roadside within park)
    • up a hill to a grassy area, then line up strollers and separately, line up ourselves (staggered) to do: 1) jumping jacks, 2) squat down with feet hip width and hold (like chair pose in yoga), 3) another set of jumping jacks (1 min?), 4) standing balancing on one foot with eyes closed, then the other.
    • back to jogging, slight inclines and declines – arrive at deck overlooking water: 25 push-ups on railing
    • back to jogging: run up a hill then down. Run up hill a second time but this time on the way down, 2-3 steps then row (note: not the most effective move, nor explained clearly)
    • continue jog a long way…inclines, declines. Instructor chooses random people to strap the tubing around the front of your waist to give you more resistance while running (owwwwch!)

    What I liked:

    *cardio components in a circuit fashion

    What I would have done differently or added:

    *talked about the benefits of what we were doing

    *focused on muscles that really go to sleep when pregnant (abdominals)

    *probably would not have wrapped tubing around random mom’s waists to add extra resistance to their jogging (for extra challenge) – many moms felt the class was challenging enough

    *stayed toward the back of the group to see if ‘stragglers’ were having problems (I noticed a struggling new mom with 2 babes: a tiny one facing her in a carrier, and a toddler in a stroller she was pushing)

    Back at the Meeting Point Grass Area

    • 25 burpees (squat down, shoot legs back, do a push up, shoot legs in, leap up. Repeat)

    What I liked:

    *that I could leap up and play peek-a-book with baby in stroller (this wasn’t cued…I was just doing it to interact with my little one)

    What I would have done differently or added:

    *a core-related exercise, not necessarily an ‘ab exercise but either ‘breath of fire’/Kapalabhati breathing

    *anything, anytime to interact with baby!


    • hamstring – right then left
    • gluteus
    • quads

    What I liked:

    *the fact that some stretches were actually incorporated at the end of this workout

    What I would have done differently or added:

    *added waay more stretches:

    *included important calf stretches


    All of this said, I did like the instructor very much. My points above are just ways to educate and nurture Moms a bit more – sort of an 80/20 (80% militant bootcamp instructor – 20% educator/fellow mother!) Indeed she ‘kicked our butts’, so to speak, and didn’t allow for any excuses…and hey, at the end of the day, we all did it, didn’t we?!  I liked that the timing of this class, starting at 11:45am and ending by 1:15pm, which was perfect for when my 6-month old son takes his nap (typically from 12-2pm).  Moms really are strong and tough and amazing!  So many victories, big and small, each day for moms to celebrate, even within the vortex of manic, crazy days of momhood!

    Video after STROLLERFIT: StrollerFit Class was Tough Stuff! from rox on Vimeo.


    Need direction? Try this full Mom and Baby Stroller Workout you can do in the park on your own or with other Mom(s)!


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