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  • Mar 6 2014

    The Perfect Baby Skin Cleansing Product

    Babies really have simple needs. They need to be loved, fed, changed and bathed. Bathing can sometimes be the tricky part, since some preemies, newborns and even some older babies have sensitive skin that might react to tub baths and soaps.

    The perfect solution for sensitive babies is the not.a.sponge*. This is a plant based sponge alternative to the sponges commonly seen on the market.

    What makes not.a.sponge* better than any old sponge? Regular sponges come in two varieties, natural and synthetic. Natural sponges are technically living animals that are harvested from the sea, and as such, could become endangered if the demand for them grew. This would also endanger animals that depend on them as a food source.

    Synthetic sponges are made from wood pulp which is soaked in a variety of harmful chemicals to produce the soft, anti-microbial material we like to use for every day cleaning. There is also a polyurethane foam variety that is filled with chemicals.

    Using both sea sponges and synthetic sponges can be harmful to the environment. Plus, who wants to rub their baby’s skin down with abrasive, chemical laden wood-pulp or a dead animal?

    The not.a.sponge* however, is an enriching plant based cleansing product. It is made from an exotic edible vegetable known as the Konjac, which is grown in Asia. Not only is it sustainably harvested (no risk of endangering these plants) it is also fully biodegradable, which means you can compost it after use so that it goes right back into the earth.

    But better than the eco-friendly traits of this product is the fact that it is amazing for even the most sensitive of skin types. Including that of babies.

    Because it is plant-based, the not.a.sponge* contains no harmful synthetic chemicals. What it does have are tons of skin nourishing vitamins, including the skin-friendly Vitamin E!

    This product cleanses, gently exfoliates and nourishes the skin all the same time. In fact, it is so good at what it does that you don’t need to use ANY cleansers or soaps. Just plain water.

    Each not.a.sponge* is handcrafted, so you can pick the size and shape that works well for you. The not.a.sponge* In The Raw facial cleanser is the best for babies, having no extra additives and being a small, easy-to-handle size. These can be used for up to three months because they are naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial!

    Rather than using a synthetic sponge, why not try a naturally anti-microbial product for your precious little one? Just moisten the not.a.sponge* until soft and gently use it to massage your baby rather than relying on yucky sponges, rough towels, and irritating soaps. The non-abrasive, vitamin rich treatment will keep your infant’s skin from drying out, and will make bath time easier, healthier and more fun–for both you and your baby!

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