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  • Jan 15 2015

    Planning, Designing and Organizing Your Child’s Playroom


    Playroom and Mini-Kids’ Club

    In 2005, I consulted on a project at Indigo Pearl Resort, Phuket which included elements of the Spa and the Fitness Centre, Yoga Room and Kids Club. My expertise at the time was not kids playrooms for hotels so I did seek help from a British nanny colleague for ideas. Since becoming a mom though, my choices for hotels when we travel hinges around the resort having a swimming pool and Kids’ Club or at least a good range of baby-friendly activities. So one new mission for me is to provide you with hot tips on planning, designing and organizing your child[ren]’s playroom or mini kids club!


    Check out the Shelving Units – easy to stack or slide like drawers

    This weekend, we visited a friend working at the Outrigger Resort, and quite liked the layout of the shelving in their Kids Club (thanks P’Nok!). There were no logos or branding on the shelves (I looked everywhere on the shelves and even asked staff). But it seems like you could DIY make these at home if you are or have a handy-person around the house.


    DIY Shelves with Pre-Bought Bins

    – The foundation of each shelving ‘block’ is a thick slab of wood (lightweight – smoothed and varnished plywood?), as is the top of each block.

    – In the middle, vertically, are two thin column pieces of wood with random same-level grooves for vertical sliding in of whatever bins you have chosen (and measured in advance!) to use.


    I shall do more research on if you can purchase these shelving units or otherwise post more close-ups with instructions for DIY!


    P.S. If your playroom is REALLY GREAT, your little one may end up passed out from all the exercise. Be sure to have beanie cushions to hug his/her little body during nap-time. Thanks to YKO (“Goy”) for hanging in with Noah and I during his playtime!



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