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  • Nov 10 2014

    Reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation

    When I was pregnant I kept my mobile phone a good distance from baby belly.

    I also started doing research on ways to significantly reduce baby’s (and hubby’s and my) exposure to cell phone radiation. The first solution is obvious: turn off your phone! Well in today’s real world, let’s face it…we are taking photos of bebe with cell phone as well as sending and receiving messages via email, text and instant messaging via our mobile devices.  My research led me to Matrix 2, an affordable ONE-TIME BUY which made sense, IF it actually works. To my mind, I believe, “Hey, why not?”  If there’s actually a chance this technology instantly reduces your exposure to cell phone radiation, then, why not?!

    So I got 3:

    …one for myself, one for hubby and one for nutritionist nanny Nat!  I’m actually going to purchase more for my sister, brother and their families!

    Other notable benefits of Matrix2:

    • So thin it will fit in virtually any existing cell phone case
    • Patent-pending technology exclusive to LifeWave
    • Models for all major smartphones
    • Affordable one-time buy
    • Easy to use
    • Has a 30-day 100% money back guarantee

    Can’t really go wrong, right?


    More Ways to Reduce Exposure

    As recommended by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you can also take the following steps to further reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation:

    • Use a hands-free device or speakerphone to further increase the distance between your phone and your head.
    • Consider texting more and limiting cell phone conversations.
    • Wait for a good signal. Phones give off more radiation when transmitting than when receiving.

    Get Yours!

    Heck yeah, I did set up an account and YESYES, you are invited to purchase via my ID number, at an automatic 5% discount.  Simply visit:

    1. www.lifewave.com

    2. Click on your COUNTRY and LANGUAGE

    3. Click BUY NOW button at upper right corner

    4. Enter Distributor ID # 819178 at right column (“BUY PRODUCTS-NEW CUSTOMERS”)


    6. On the left column, click on “MATRIX”, then choose your cell phone type.

    7. Choose quantity, then ADD TO CART

    …and your MATRIX 2 is on it’s way to you!!!


    Good for you, for taking the steps to a radiation-reduced space!


    Let us know your comments, any questions or feedback about Matrix 2 below…or watch below video:

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