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  • Feb 14 2014

    Review: The Miracle “Y Age Aeon Patches”


    I started using Y Age Patches before becoming pregnant, then discontinued during pregnancy and breast-feeding stages. I returned to using the patches this month – February 2014 – and after only 3 weeks, I’m already seeing positive changes and feeling more energetic in the day and enjoy a more peaceful night’s sleep (though not necessarily longer since I’m up with baby in the night).

    Karen Kan, MD, explains the uses and benefits of the Y-Age Patches in below video called “Brain Balancing Using LifeWave Y-Age Aeon Patches”.  Ladies…post-breast-feeding moms, and of course men too…please take the time to watch this short review by Dr. Kan on the benefits of the Y-Age Patches.

    If you are keen to try out the homeopathic pressure point patches, you can order via this link: Y-Age Aeon – New Technology Puts Aging in Suspension. Clicking on link will open a new window in your browser, where you will then click on your COUNTRY/LANGUAGE, then BUY NOW, followed by entering this number: 819178 at the right column titled: BUY PRODUCTS NEW CUSTOMERS. Select COUNTRY FOR SHIPPING, and finally type in the SEARCH box: ‘AEON‘. The prompts are simple from there, though don’t hesitate to ask any questions or comment below.

    *Note that I do receive a small commission from LifeWave if you purchase, however please know that I only review and promote Y-Age here because it is a product a truly believe in, use myself and within my family. We find they really do work!

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