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  • May 13 2015

    Sensory Whiteboard – This is Cool!


    Want to know why Moms create sensory boards and activities for their infant(s) and toddler(s)?

    1. Pure love.
    2. Desire for their child to learn and stimulate as many of the 5 senses as an activity can achieve.
    3. Let’s admit it, Mama, you like the creative outlet of crafts yourself, don’t you? I know I do!

    Mom Blogging and Pinterest have only made for incredibly wonderful ways to share and teach and inspire through DIY homemade art and craft projects.

    How I Started This Particular Sensory Board

    I opened my stationery drawer and saw that I had a multi-pack of mini ziplock plastic bags. Suddenly my Mommy brain (the good, creative, idea part of my Mum brain – not the forgetful part!) kicked in. I looked over at the kitchen sink and saw that this month’s dishsoap is blue, the handsoap is red and the body lotion a creamy white…what better fillers for the first 3 zip-bags!

    Next, I tried a few other ideas:

    • cooking oil mixed with food coloring
    • cooking oil mixed with water
    • cooking oil with added sparkles
    • mixing 3 different liquids
    • a delicious bath salt scrub (that I haven’t actually used since I’ve only had time for quick shower lately!0
    • putting spices (tarragon, chile pepper…) into cooking oil
    • any other combinations you can think of, really. Time to get creative!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: not too much liquid in the bag or it’s not as effective with other items mixed in.


    Here’s the best part!

    I taped these to a big whiteboard – realized I slid this one under N’s crib ages ago, not having a use for it at the time.

    The whiteboard allowed for multi-use as magnets stick to it (yay for our Thomas & Friends magnets!). Plus N can write on the board and even on the little sensory bags, which I simply wipe off – or not – later!


    I think my tot is pretty pleased with this board!  I’ll leave these items on for a few weeks to a month then keep them in a case for rotation at a future date.  We stuck his Thomas & Friends magnets on after snapping this. N also stuck the little bath suction cup balls to the whiteboard…endless possibilities!


    Will post the next whiteboard project in due course.


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