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  • Apr 22 2014

    Stumped for Mother’s Day Ideas? Try Homemade Luxurious Spa Bath Salts!

    Bath salts make great Mom’s Day gifts (or gifts for anybody else who might need to relax at the end of a long, hard day…ahem, new Mommies). They are easy enough for children to make with no clutter so if you have other kids, this can be a fun DIY activity!  HOT TIP: When you make several batches with different scents and colors they present beautifully.

    Below are photos of salts I made for Graham’s Mum as we are going to visit them out east this (mother’s day) weekend 🙂



    2 cups epsom salts


    1 tsp jojoba oil


    1/2 tsp essential oil (I like lavender, geranium or eucalyptus)


    Optional: a few drops of food coloring – ideally the gel type


    Start with the epsom salts in a big bowl. Add jojoba oil, then your choice of essential oil.  If adding food coloring, add it now as well.

    Using your hands, mix the oils and food coloring.

    It’s amazing how the salt and scents running through your fingers is a relaxing ritual in itself! If you are preparing this as a gift, it makes sense that this is truly a ‘labor of love’!

    4final salts

    Where to buy ingredients:

    • Epsom salts can be found in any pharmacy.
    • Jojoba oil has a very long shelf life and is well tolerated by practically everybody — but it can be replaced with a number of oils including grapeseed, avocado, sweet almond, or even mineral oil.
    • PURE essential oils are typically be found in health food stores and sometimes in pharmacies. Different oils will give the salts different properties: peppermint and orange are invigorating, lavender is relaxing, eucalyptus is great for head colds…  They won’t heal you and should not be considered a cure or medication, however different scents will definitely influence how you feel.
    • *The containers can be any recycled clear glass or plastic jar with a proper air tight cover. Or feel free to get fancy and use apothecary jars and ribbons!


    Send me pics of YOUR homemade DIY Mothers Day gifts and I’ll post them here!!!

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