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  • Mar 17 2014

    Toronto Yoga & Workout Ventures with Sandra

    Last week I attended my first ballet barre workout class since giving birth four months ago – with newly-REconnected high school friend, Sandra. The ‘attempt’ to go to a class finally became a reality after a few weeks of cancellations on both our parts due to one of the many extreme cold weather warnings, a snowstorm or one of us going out of town. Eventually, the fact that we were each accountable to the other made us finally commit, and so Sandra picked me up and off we went to Barreworks on March 11.  We both thought we’d have uuber sore muscles everywhere after that booty bootcamp class, but I have to say, for me the muscle soreness was mild!  Perhaps it’s been the lifting baby squats (baby Noah weighs about 17 lbs now?! 🙂

    Now fast-forward to Yoga-time! This evening (March 17), Sandra and I signed up for “Beginners Yoga” at “Breathe Yoga Studio”.  The class was Vinyasa yoga: flowing asanas (postures) held in a very crowded, sweaty large yoga space though actually with lovely wood flooring and attention to detail including a yoga platform for instructor.

    Turns out my muscles everywhere were aching over the next days!  Yoga practise wakes up all of the sleeping muscles as you breathe through challenging poses.  Because the poses were held for a long-ish period (isometrically) and this particular class alternated between vinyasa flow – a series of moving sun salutations, interspersed with longer held asanas, my muscles certainly woke up!

    My “yo-glow” is back — felt great (though sore) for days.  Great to be back on the mat!

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