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  • May 9 2015

    What I Pack for Toddler Picnics

    We live in Toronto by the Lakeshore (which in our case means west of downtown along Lake Ontario).

    The closest park to our home is via a wonderful endless boardwalk with trails for bikes and bladers, and a separate boardwalk for pedestrian traffic. It’s only a 5-minute walk to the swings and slides and kids’ paradise, and across the boardwalk is the sandy area before you hit the water – err, I’ll be clear here, we don’t exactly swim in Lake Ontario, although some do as it’s also paradise for hundreds of seagulls, rowers, SUP-ers and doggies who arrive with owners, excited for a swim!

    Our Park Kit Take-Alongs

    Lately our little one – now 18 months old – enjoys playing in the sand, kicking the futbol on the grass or singing “WEEE” on the swings and slide. And since it’s finally warmed up enough to visit the park at least twice daily, I’ve finally put together the ideal Park Kit with a view to our toddler’s current idea of a good time…not to mention Mum’s idea of a ‘pack-it-up-pretty’ time!



    NOTE: We pack a separate backpack for diapers, changing mat, drinks and snacks.

    Now It’s Your Turn!

    We would love to know what you pack in your infant or toddler’s outdoor park / picnic bag and how old he / she / they are!

    Go ahead and share with us below in the comment box: What is your little one’s (and your) most beloved take-alongs?!

    Thanks for reading and sharing!


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