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  • Jul 31 2015

    What I’m Grateful For Today

    Training, teaching and stretching clients in Thailand and the Hamptons this year, it dawned on me that it was July 1996 – 20 years ago – when I completed my first Group Exercise and Personal Training certifications with American Council on Exercise (ACE). I was living in Bermuda at the time, working as a Corporate Administrator at Conyers, Dill & Pearman, and in the evenings and weekends, started fitness coaching and teaching aerobics and water fitness thanks to inspiration from my dear friend Michelle.

    I have since completed a degree in Sports Physiology and Rehabilitation and hold licenses in Swedish and Thai Massage. My Yoga certificates I hold most dearly and in 2009 I did something different and certified as an Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga instructor with Christopher Harrison. Our spa consulting business – Asia Pacific Leisure Consulting – is still up and running going on year 12. And I find myself so very grateful for being in an industry where the love for what I do makes work often seem like a dream.

    I’ll post again in another 20 years if I’m still in and loving the wellness and lifestyle business…which by then would be approaching 70!!! Here’s to our health!

    The Dance


    with Michelle Baham at IDEA Fitness Conference in Anaheim 1996


    My Hilltop Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Studio in Phuket, Thailand


    Baby, Me and the Beach – Bali, Feb 2015


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