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  • Sep 1 2014

    Why We LOVE our Baby Bassinet!

    The other day a friend emailed for a bassinet recommendation since their baby is due in December.  I told them how much we loved – and still love – our Monte bassinet, though I did anyway ask around in the mom groups I attend as well as reached out to Mom friends and ‘likers’ on FB.  The highest rated amongst friends was the “Sorelle Dondola” cradle (in cherry color, below), with the only complaint being the thinness of the inner pad.  A few other Moms raved about the same Monte Ninna Nanna bassinet that we had, especially Canadian-based mamas, since Monte is designed and manufactured in Canada. Below is a photo of the Sorelle Dondola Cradle recommended by many mom friends.


    Sorelle Dondola Cradle in Cherry rated high in my Mom groups

    We made use of our Monte “Ninna Nanna” bassinet from the early weeks in right up until present point, which is baby almost at 10 months old (though now he uses it as an upright chair…good for posture!) when we are reading or doing flashcards time. So far we’ve had a good one year of use of the bassinet, definitely delivering beyond my expectations in stability, safeness and ease to move around. Plus the bassinet part lifts out of the smooth rocker and sits as a separate piece.

    You have to admit, it’s a modern, stylish yet minimalist (and adorable!) piece of furniture for baby’s room:



    After being rocked gently, little man passes out in his monte bassinet…



    And at 18 weeks old, ready for the ‘props’.





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