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  • Yoga 101 for Moms – A Guide to the Poses

    Foundation First

    ‘Foundation First’ is one truth phrase my teacher in India would repeat.  Get on your mat. Start with the basics using the proper ‘tools’ to lay the foundation of a solid, balanced yoga asana (postures) practice, with the basics EVERY TIME you get on the mat. Come back to your foundation. Build it, establish it, then grow from the roots. After all, when have you ever picked an apple from the seed you just planted?

    The Essentials

    So here goes. From me to you. Demystifying yoga starting with the fundamental elements of a sound yoga practice. This Guide is a review of  many of the asanas (poses) we will use in our practice(s) together as mommies, from proper alignment to basic postures and breathing techniques. This is your Mommy guide whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner looking for a fresh perspective.

    xo Rox


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